Zain and KRCS partnership

Zain collaborates with Kuwait Red Crescent Society in a number of humanitarian and charitable initiatives as part of the company’s Ramadan CSSR Campaign.


Through this partnership, Zain contributes by raising awareness about KRCS’s multiple donation campaigns to the public via SMS and social media, as well as directing those who are willing to contribute to the official KRCS donation page. Zain also collaborated with KRCS to distribute essential food supplies (Machla boxes) to needy families in Kuwait.


In addition, Zain partners with KRCS to support multiple relief campaigns that cater to people in need outside of Kuwait. Such relief campaigns ensures the delivery of essential medical and food supplies to those who are most in need of support in Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, as well as Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan. Other relief campaigns include supplying water sources, providing healthcare, and supplying food in Somalia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and other East African nations.


For more information about the campaign, please click here.