?How do I schedule a Cisco WebEx meeting

You can use the Quick Scheduler or the Advanced Scheduler to schedule meetings. Use the Quick

Scheduler if you're short on time. Use the Advanced Scheduler if you're looking for more meeting

options, like security parameters or participant privileges

:Schedule a meeting with the Quick Scheduler

 Sign into your WebEx site: example.webex.com-

 Go to Host a Meeting and select Schedule a Meeting. If you are in the Advanced Scheduler, click-

the Return to Quick Scheduler

 Enter the details for your meeting and select Schedule Meeting or Start-

:Schedule a Meeting with the Advanced Scheduler

 Sign into your WebEx site: example.webex.com-

 Go to Host a Meeting and select Schedule a Meeting. If you are in the Quick Scheduler, click the-

Advanced Scheduler

Enter the required information for your meeting and click Next-

 Check your meeting details and select Schedule Meeting or Start-

Start a scheduled meeting, training session, or an event

Either the host, or alternate host, of a meeting, session or event may start the online meeting at any time. To start your meeting, training session, or event

:In your host confirmation email

Click on the link to start your WebEx meeting. (This will open your browser to your WebEx site)-

If the meeting does not automatically start, you may need to enter your username and password-

to log in. Click the Log In button

 Your meeting window will open-

:On your WebEx site

 Log in to your WebEx site. (Example: sitename.webex.com Or sitename.my.webex.com)-

 Click the My WebEx button near the top of the page-

 On the My WebEx Meetings page, click the Start link to the right of the meeting you would like-

to start

?How do I join a WebEx meeting

Join by email invitation or a calendar appointment if possible. This is the recommended join

method and is the simplest way to access the meeting without problems

When it's time to join, you should be able to join close to the meeting start time, or a few minutes early. If the meeting has not started, clicking the Join box will display the meeting space of that particular meeting, where you can access the Agenda, Meeting Attachments, Comments, and Invitee List

If the Join box on the meeting page is disabled, or you have questions about the meeting start

time, contact the host of the meeting. Meetings do not start automatically, and the host may be late starting the meeting. Depending on how the site is configured, you may also join by browsing to the meeting in the Upcoming Meetings list

?Can I record and share a WebEx meeting

The meeting host (organizer) can record a meeting. The recording is available almost immediately in MP4 or M4A (audio only) format. Stakeholders can then watch the whole meeting at their leisure, including any content that was shared during the meeting and Active Speaker video feeds. Recording a meeting is also a great tool for documenting critical meetings

Integrate Cisco WebEx Meetings with my calendar and apps

You’ll love the convenience! You can schedule or launch meetings from Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and a variety of instant messaging products. If you are a host, you can start an instant meeting, or schedule future and even recurring meetings from Microsoft Outlook

There’s even a scheduling assistant to check calendars in Microsoft Outlook before sending an

invitation. When you accept a meeting invitation, it automatically appears in your calendar

Browser compatiblty with Cisco WebEx Meetings

 Try this "Join a test meeting" link. https://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html