What can 5G really do for you?

The opportunity to move into the world of the future is here. A few more steps and we will reach the technological development that has lived in our imagination for decades.


To all the gamers out there, read this:

With 5G, you can interact with entertainment technologies in a different way. One that allows you to be fully immersed in experiencing the games you’re playing. With ultra-fast speeds, live broadcasting and communication between players, you will feel like the physical distance between you and the other players is nonexistent.


Home Automation is finally upon us:

All our lives we’ve been looking for different solutions to bring conveniences to the struggles of our home appliances and technologies. How great would it be to have all our home devices connected in one location, and remotely? Well with 5G and Zain LIFE's smart products, one touch and you can control your entire household from your phone. Wherever you are in the world. Imagine that.


Calling with a blink and a car that drives itself?

As believers and optimists, we know that now is finally the time to stop saying and start doing. With the support of 5G technology, we are putting that into action. The dreams we had about the future are now surrounding us; self-driving cars, automated houses, and calling with a blink. Who would’ve thought it’d come so soon? 

So, what’s next for 5G?

Join the future now and express yourself with technology that takes you to another level of knowledge. 5G will turn our ambitions and aspirations into reality. Making our communication experience an adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for 5G?

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What makes 5G different?

5G technology is fast, provides super low latency, and ensures a better connectivity experience for end users.

When will 5G devices be available?

We’re working on exclusive deals which will be released shortly through our digital channels: we will keep you posted. Home broadband devices are already available (5G Bolt), as for the smartphones they will be released by the manufacturers soon.

Does my current device support 5G?

Most devices aren’t equipped for 5G yet, but they will be offered shortly by reputable firms such as Samsung, Huawei and Apple. Once the devices are available, we will inform you accordingly through our social media and digital channels. On a better note, you can now be one of the first customers to experience Zain 5G router or test out the Zain network at our Avenues (phase 4), Shuwaikh Head Office, Sultan center (Jabriya), Salwa, Hawalli and Yarmouk branches.