Now you have the ability to transfer Airtime from your prepaid plan to any international number around the world

How to subscribe

1. Send” TR “To 94009 or 94001 or dial *909# recharge a number in another country   Example: TR <space> <destination Number> and send to 94009 or 94001   

2. Choose from the available credit options

3. Confirm the transaction by replying with the required option to the same SMS
4. You will receive an SMS with your transaction status.

Terms and Conditions    

1.    The service is available for prepaid voice lines only.
2.    The maximum amount transferred internationally is KD30 per month.
3.    The maximum international transactions are 20 transactions per month.
4.    If the transaction steps are not completed within 30 minutes, transaction will be canceled, you will have to restart the transaction.
5.    The recharge validity will remain the same after the transaction.
6.    Transaction amount is nonrefundable.  
7.    The minimum validity of your line should be 45 days.