Introducing to you BEAM, the new home Internet solution.

speed up to 40Mbps






BEAM uses the latest advanced wireless broadband technology for the first time in Kuwait! The solution offers high Internet speeds that match fixed fiber optics experience, reaching 40 /Mbps (Megabits per second).

Eligible Areas:





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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get BEAM service?

Customers can subscribe through all Zain branches as well as register through:

What happens after the 24 months commitment?

You can continue paying the monthly installments or contact our customer care unit for any additional inquiries.

What is the username and password of my BEAM router?

The username and password is found on the router’s backside.

What should I do if an issue occurs with my device/Internet speed?

Our agents at 107 will happily direct your request to the appropriate channels for support

What are the benefits included if I select one of the BEAM plans?

You will receive: • A complimentary LTE hotspot with up to 50GB monthly data • A BEAM router with UNLIMITED data • A Complimentary delivery and installation

Can I purchase BEAM router as standalone device?

No, you must subscribe to one of the BEAM plans with a 24 months’ commitment

How reliable is BEAM’s Internet speed?

We are constantly striving to please our customers and BEAM offers the most reliable speed with up to 20/Mbps and 40 /Mbps as well as increased Internet quality and advanced network capabilities.

Which areas are covered by Beam?

Beam covers all areas from the 1st ring road to the 5th ring road – Please refer to the map on: kw.zain/beam Additional areas will be included soon

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