Introducing to you BEAM, the new home Internet solution.

speed up to 40Mbps






Zain brings you an unparalleled internet experience to your home. BEAM is our newest home internet solution providing you with a smart and advanced internet experience. This technology is equivalent to Fiber, providing your home with a consistent and stable download speed of 40 MBPS, with fast and reliable connectivity.

BEAM is now available in the areas on the map below:



You have the option to choose the download speed that suits you best; 20MBPS or 40MBPS. The package includes free delivery and installation, as well as free 50GB data line and Hotspot LTE.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the username and password for my BEAM router?

You can find both the username and password on the back of your BEAM router.

In which areas is BEAM available?

Capital Governorate: Abdulla Al-Salem, Adailiya, Bnaid Al-Gar, Coast Strip -Bida, Daiya, Dasma, Faiha, Khaldiya, Kaifan, Mansouriya, Mirqab, Nuzha, Qadsiya, Qortuba, Rawda, Shamiya, Shuwaikh Residential, Surra, The Green Belt, Yarmouk Hawally Governorate: Jabriya, Rumaithiya, Shaab, Salwa, South Surra Stay tuned for more areas to be added.

How reliable is BEAM’s Internet speed?

.BEAM gives you the most reliable speed with up to 20/Mbps and 40 /Mbps with increased Internet quality and advanced network capabilities

I completed my 24-month commitment plan, how can I keep receiving my BEAM service?

You can keep enjoying your BEAM service through monthly installments.

I have a problem with my device/ Internet speed, what should I do?

Give us a call on 107 and our customer care representative will help solve any issues you may have.

What benefits do I receive with my BEAM plan?

You will receive: A BEAM router with UNLIMITED data, a complimentary LTE hotspot with up to 50GB monthly data, as well as a complimentary delivery and installation.

How is BEAM different?

Beam is a one of a kind home Internet solution in Kuwait offered by Zain, giving you a stable home internet connection throughout your home. BEAM uses the latest advanced wireless technology to guarantee an enriched home Internet experience

Am I eligible to subscribe to BEAM?

Yes! Anyone who is interested in getting the best home internet solution and lives in a BEAM-covered area can enjoy the BEAM service.

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