Bildarb is a premium hospitality technology App in Kuwait that directly links customers with their favorite restaurants. The App is specifically designed to cater to fast paced customers who are always on the go. It’s fast and efficient process provides customers with immediate reservations and seating as well as a split payment feature, making it easier to split receipts between friends and family.

What we love most about this innovative App is that customers can easily be directed through the map features to new and exciting events happening all around Kuwait.

Bildarb thrives to support and enhance your restaurants development through its speedy and efficient process, generating more walk-in customers. It allows customers to enjoy a new and improved dining or pick up experience. 


  • Provides customers the luxury of being seated immediately through on-app table reservations. There is no need to write your names on waitlists.
  • Customers can be seated at restaurant immediately or use our self-pick up service.
  • Customers have the benefit of pre-ordering and paying for their meals through the app before arriving to their scheduled reservation. 
  • Split payment method can be used between family and friends.
  • A map for directions to the restaurant is also provided by the Bidarb app, external apps interference is not needed anymore.


Easy 3 step sign up process

  1. Download the app
  2. Signing up with your details: (name, email, phone number and date of birth)
  3. Enter Account authorization code


 How to book a table at your favorite restaurant?

  1. pick the restaurant of your choice
  2. select the number of guests, the time and date
  3. Invite guests through the application
  4. Confirm the reservations



  1. After your reservation is made, choose the “Pre-order” option
  2. Select the items desired from the menu
  3. Go to cart
  4. Tap on the single payment method or split payment


Self-Pick Up

  1. Select a restaurant
  2. Select items desired from menu
  3. Pay (Online single payment applies to pick up)



  1. Select the restaurant or go to the upcoming reservations from the side menu
  2. Click on map for navigation


Terms & Conditions