Terms and Conditions for using the (Bildarb Application)

By using the Bildarb Application, you agree to all the conditions and provisions pertaining to the application, set forth below:



The following terms shall have the following definitions:

  1. Application (App): shall refer in the present terms and conditions to the (Bildarb Application) application.
  2. User: shall refer to the person who subscribe to the application or use it for benefiting from the service.
  3. Client: shall to the restaurant or café contracted with the application to provide its services through the application.
  4. Food: shall refer to the foods and drinks provided by the restaurants and cafes (the client/clients) to the users.


First: means of operation of the Bildarb Application


  1. Bildarb Application is the mediator for connecting users and clients of the application through allowing users to select and purchase foods and reserve tables from restaurants that are part of the application as well as order pick up food.
  2. The value of foods ordered by the user shall be paid by the client through the Bildarb Application. The user shall be responsible for executing the reservation with the client.
  3. If you wish to check the menu of the last (10) transactions made through the Bildarb Application or in case of any problems in executing the reservation, you can contact us by email.
  4. Simply: Bildarb Application allows you to reserve tables, select the foods you wish to eat in the restaurant or pick it up. It also allows you to pay for the price of foods using the Bildarb Application in return for a discount offered by the participated restaurants.


Second: fees and expenses


When using the Bildarb Application, there are no fees on the user, except those relating to paying the value of foods you wish to order via the application.


Third: responsibility for content


  1. A large section of the content provided in the Bildarb Application is related to foods provided by the participated restaurant (the client), its services, or information (content of the client page). Only the client is fully responsible for this content, the food provided on the menu, and taste and quality level of the food. Bildarb Application bear no responsibility in this regards.
  2. The user acknowledges that the effective commercial relationship is only between the user and the client (the restaurant). The application is not part of this relationship and not responsible for any disputes occurring between the two, whether concerning the availability of reserved tables, quality of foods served by the client, or the service provided by the client. However, the user may present his/her complaint to the application management, so the latter may work on solving it with the related client.


Fourth: unauthorized/ erred transactions


  1. If, as a user, you believe that there was an error or unauthorized transaction made on your account, kindly inform us of such error along with the reservation details to our email Info@bildarb.com. The information will be checked and we shall respond to you within two working days. You also have the right to object to you bank on such unauthorized transactions made through Bildarb Application using your credit or debit cards (such as Mastercard or Visa).


Fifth: intellectual property


All intellectual rights are owned by Bildarb Application. None of the parties or users have the right to violate the said rights; otherwise, they shall be subject to legal accountability.


Sixth: privacy


We (Bildarb Application) do not have the right to use or disclose personal information of the user with other parties, unless those are necessary for meeting our commitments by virtue of this agreement, and only with the relevant clients, or as required by the laws.


Seventh: usages of the Bildarb Application


By using Bildarb Application you may:

  1. Be able to reserve a table at restaurants participating in the application.
  2. Be able to get a discount on the value of foods ordered from restaurants participating in the application if paid using the Bildarb Application.


Eighth: order cancellation


  1. The user may cancel the order at least two hours before the reserved time. Accordingly, the user will be entitled for a refund of the money he/she paid minus the banking fees for issuing a refund, if such applicable.
  2. If the user cancel the reservation within less than two hours, no refund will be issued to the user, and the user may pick up the food he/she ordered.


Ninth: guarantees and responsibility limits


  1. The participated restaurant (the client) guarantee to the user its rights as a consumer, wither those set forth here in Terms and Conditions or by laws.
  2. The Bildarb Application is not responsible for the personal page of every subscribing client or any material provided by it; rather, the client is responsible therefor. The application is not responsible for the way the restaurant participating in the application deals with users or for the menus presented thereby in the application; rather, the application is just a median platform between the client and user, and a not representative or agent to either of them.
  3. The present Terms and Conditions are subject to the effective laws of the State of Kuwait.
  4. The application is not responsible, whatsoever, for authenticating the personal information of the users, or their banking information. The user is fully and solely responsible for its personal information and the details of its debit/credit card provided to the client through the application.


Tenth: changes to the Terms and Conditions


The Bildarb Application has the right to change the terms and conditions of use, whether entirely or partially, by publishing an updated copy on the Bildarb Application. Your continuing to use the Bildarb Application following any change shall deemed as approval to the change/changes. We may inform you, through your provided email, three days prior of making changes that we decide, on our sole discretion, are necessary to report.