Zain Business provides hosted cloud-based video surveillance. The service typically includes video recording, storage, remote viewing, management alerts and cyber security.

The video processing and management is performed off-site using Zain cloud in Kuwait.

The VSaaS platform has a simple on-site camera to communicate to the Local NVR or directly to Zain cloud.



Benefits of Video Surveillance as a Service


Lower Upfront Investment

A well-established cloud savings benefit is the reduced upfront capital costs.

It offers companies the opportunity to invest precious capital into other business areas.


Lower Power Costs

The shared infrastructure gives a better hardware utilization with more efficient power use and lower electricity cost.


Reduced IT Staffing Cost

The cloud provider’s IT staff supports a shared infrastructure, so the total IT cost is lower than doing the work in-house.


Reliability and Redundancy

Having spare hardware laying idle is an expensive way to maximize uptime.

A typical cloud has several Data Center locations that can protect your data and system against failures.





Video Management Software

VSaaS empowers your security with powerful technology and software.

Our solution delivers a full range of video surveillance and access control solutions, from servers to cameras. It includes self-monitoring, real-time alerts, integrated analytics and off-site storage.


Video surveillance with image details

These cameras’ hold a High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology, which preserves video image integrity while managing bandwidth intelligently.

You can get high quality imaging and maximum coverage, which enables a safer society and smarter living.


Accessing and controlling whenever, wherever!

VSaaS solutions can be accessed and controlled anywhere, at any time.

It holds a software that makes any workstation with an Internet connection become a center for access control.



Zain Business provides a storage that is easy to access, store and manage data. It streams the data into the server 24/7.

Our leading Data Center is designed with the highest standards of security and availability, not only software security, but also physical security, which includes

electronic card reader access, surveillance cameras and 24/7 security guards.


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