• Mobile Insurance

    Mobile Insurance

    With Zain’s new Mobile insurance service for postpaid customers, you can protect your device in the event of d ...

    KD 2 Monthly

  • Autopay


    Direct monthly payment solution that will automatically deduct the past due bill from your bank account every ...

    Free Activation

  • ZINC


    Zain aspires to elevate the entrepreneurial scene in Kuwait by offering local entrepreneurs and students the.. ...

    Enjoy Your Experience

  • VoLTE


    VoLTE is a voice calling service that is delivered over a 4G (LTE) mobile network. VoLTE is just like a normal ...


  • Smart Branch

    Smart Branch

    Zain is the first telecom operator to introduce the Smart Branch, which allows customers to issue SIM replacem ...

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  • PACI


    The customer receives messages about his Civil ID from PACI related to the renewal, validity and envelop inqui ...

    All customers

  • Roaming


    Stay connected while abroad. Enjoy our roaming services available for both our postpaid and prepaid lines. Add ...

    KD 7 per Week

  • International


    Call and send messages to your friends and family outside Kuwait.

    Price on Usage

  • Inflight Services

    Inflight Services

    Now you can stay connected with your friends and family while you're on the plane with "InFlight". The service ...

    Price on Usage

  • Net Add-Ons

    Net Add-Ons

    With our Net Add-Ons menu, you will enhance your Internet experience with unlimited iTunes downloads and strea ...

    KD 3 per Month

  • Arqami


    This service enables you to add one additional mobile number to your existing SIM card with your mobile line ( ...

    KD 1.5 Monthly

  • Number Portability

    Number Portability

    Mobile Number Portability (MNP) means you can keep your mobile phone number if you decide to change from one m ...


  • Visual Voicemail

    Visual Voicemail

    Now you can easily manage your voicemail messages through "Visual Voicemail"  directly from your iPhone screen ...


  • Credit Transfer

    Credit Transfer

    You have the ability to transfer credit from your postpaid or prepaid voice lines to  prepaid voice and data l ...


  • Calling Services

    Calling Services

    Voicemail, Video Calls and more

    Price on Usage

  • Messaging


    This service enables you to send and receive short text messages (SMS) to other mobile handsets.

    Price on Usage

  • MOI Service

    MOI Service

    A service that enables customers to know if they have any ticket or other violations related to the Ministry o ...

    All Zain customers