Stay connected for FREE during Hajj

Keep in touch with your loved ones during Hajj season. This offer allows Postpaid customers to use their existing local Internet capacity and Prepaid customers will use 2GB Internet roaming capacity at the Hajj rituals locations in Mecca and Medina with no additional charges using Zain KSA network.

To select ZAIN KSA network:

iOS Users
1. Go to (Settings).
2. Select (Carrier).
3. Select (Networks Selection).
4. Select (Automatic) and press on (Disable auto-select) to get manual searching.
5. Select (ZAIN KSA).

Android Users
1. Go to (Settings).
2. Select (More).
3. Select (Mobile networks).
4. Select (Carrier).
5. Select (Search Networks).
5. Select (ZAIN KSA).

To activate the service, send DATA ON to 99990

If you exceed the limit of your internet capacity, the service will be automatically renewed.

To deactivate the service, send DATA OFF to 99990

The offer starts from 12th of August to 26th of August.