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All content shown is available on iflix

Terms and Conditions:

1- Zain customer (Customer) agrees to subscribe to IFLIX in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the service as well as Zain’s own terms & conditions;

2- These terms represent the main terms and conditions of this service;

3- The complimentary period to subscribe to IFLIX for Customers starts on April 24th 2017 until November 30th 2017 (Complimentary Period) ;

4- The Customer will receive a dedicated 5GB capacity for streaming/downloading on iflix only (Zain reserves the right to increase, reduce or terminate the *5GB capacity at any given time at Zain’s own discretion and without any liability on Zain);

5- Upon the expiration of the Complimentary Period, the service will continue for a monthly price of 1KD;

6- In the event, the Customer wishes to discontinue the service, the customer must dial 107 to unsubscribe;

7- Automatic cancellation of the iflix service is unavailable;

8- The Complimentary Period for each Customer will be calculated from the date of subscription to November 30th 2017 at the latest.