The Service


Now you can stay connected with your friends and family while you're on the plane with "InFlight". The service allows you to browse the Internet and send and receive SMS using a WiFi connection on your flight.


Activating the Service


To activate this service on your mobile, follow the below steps:


1-     Set "Airplane mode off" in your mobile settings

2-     Set "Data Roaming on" in your mobile setting

3-     Connect manually to the partner's network

4-     Once the service is active, a welcome message will be sent to your mobile to confirm the connectivity.


Partner Networks



InFlight is activated on the below airlines:

Airline Flight Route Aircraft
Aer Lingus Ireland to US A330
Air France Paris B777
Emirates Dubai A330-A340
Etihad Abu Dhabi B777-A340-A330
KLM Airlines Amsterdam B777
SAS Scandinavian-European routs B737
Transaero Airlines Russia B747-B777
Virgin Atlantic London Gatwick-Heathrow-Manchester A330-B747
Lufthansa Munich-Frankfort A330-A330-A340-B747-A380
Eva Air Taiwan B777
Qatar Airways Doha A330



Service Type Price
Outgoing Calls (Kuwait/Any Destination) KD 1.200 Per minute
Receiving Calls KD 1.750 Per minute
SMS (Sending a message) KD 0.250 Per SMS



*The service may not be available on every flight