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MyHome is a fast and reliable solution for your home maintenance needs. Tell us what you need, where and when you need it, and we’ll connect you with the right professional. A toilet clog or a broken air conditioner tends to happen at the worst time possible, but this is where we come in.

MyHome makes it incredibly easy to find the right person for your home maintenance needs, be it for routine maintenance or for a home emergency.


Here’s How It Works:

  • • Select a category and let us know when you’d like the professional to come over
  • • Specify the problem from our list of issues, or simply request an assessment if you’re not sure what the problem is
  • • You can choose to add additional details and pictures of the problem to let the professional know what he’s dealing with beforehand
  • • Pay for the job in hand right from your phone via K-Net, Visa or MasterCard and get it over with, or opt to pay with cash once the professional is on-site
  • • Track the progress of your job on the status screen, and rate your service provided to help us maintain quality service


Our Services

1. Air Conditioning

2. Electrical

3. Satellite

4. Plumbing

5. Cleaning

6. Appliances

7. Cameras

8. Painting

9. Pest Control

10. Gardening

11. Palm Trees

12. Locksmith

13. Aluminum

14. Shutter

15. Carpentry

16. Mobile Phone & Tablet Repair

17. Décor & Gypsum Board

18. Handyman

19. Flooring

20. Furniture Assembly

21. Network