Your  connection is our priority and that is why we are closer to you than you can imagine. We aim to keep you constantly connected on one network… We provide the latest services and technologies that suit your lifestyle with the most fitting postpaid packages on the leading network in Kuwait.

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  • Autopay


    Direct monthly payment solution that will automatically deduct the past due bill from your bank account every ...

    Free Activation

  • ZINC


    Zain aspires to elevate the entrepreneurial scene in Kuwait by offering local entrepreneurs and students the.. ...

    Enjoy Your Experience

  • VoLTE


    VoLTE is a voice calling service that is delivered over a 4G (LTE) mobile network. VoLTE is just like a normal ...


  • Zain Smart Mall

    Zain Smart Mall

    Zain’s Smart mall is an innovative virtual shopping screen that offers customers an advanced way to browse and ...

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  • Smart Branch

    Smart Branch

    Zain is the first telecom operator to introduce the Smart Branch, which allows customers to issue SIM replacem ...

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  • PACI


    The customer receives messages about his Civil ID from PACI related to the renewal, validity and envelop inqui ...

    All customers

  • Roaming


    Stay connected while abroad. Enjoy our roaming services available for both our postpaid and prepaid lines. Add ...

    KD 7 per Week

  • International


    Call and send messages to your friends and family outside Kuwait.

    Price on Usage

  • Inflight Services

    Inflight Services

    Now you can stay connected with your friends and family while you're on the plane with "InFlight". The service ...

    Price on Usage

  • Net Add-Ons

    Net Add-Ons

    With our Net Add-Ons menu, you will enhance your Internet experience with unlimited iTunes downloads and strea ...

    KD 3 per Month

  • Arqami


    This service enables you to add one additional mobile number to your existing SIM card with your mobile line ( ...

    KD 1.5 Monthly

  • Number Portability

    Number Portability

    Mobile Number Portability (MNP) means you can keep your mobile phone number if you decide to change from one m ...


  • Visual Voicemail

    Visual Voicemail

    Now you can easily manage your voicemail messages through "Visual Voicemail"  directly from your iPhone screen ...


  • Credit Transfer

    Credit Transfer

    You have the ability to transfer credit from your postpaid or prepaid voice lines to  prepaid voice and data l ...


  • Calling Services

    Calling Services

    Voicemail, Video Calls and more

    Price on Usage

  • Messaging


    This service enables you to send and receive short text messages (SMS) to other mobile handsets.

    Price on Usage

  • MOI Service

    MOI Service

    A service that enables customers to know if they have any ticket or other violations related to the Ministry o ...

    All Zain customers

  • Liquipel


    Your device is completely protected against water and dust with Liquipel nanotechnology. If you want more prot ...

    Starting from KD 1 per Month


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