Terms and Conditions

  1. Arqami Service is allowed for postpaid/prepaid customers. Where postpaid will get postpaid line and prepaid will get prepaid line.
  2. Zain customers can subscribe using any of the following channels (SMS, IOS/Android Application)
  3. System will automatically send to customer “welcome” message that includes random numbers from the system, so customer can choose preference and legal terms and condition for customer approval.
  4. Returning customers will be provided with last Arqami Service number used by main line owner if it’s still available as an option.
  5. Five numbers to be sent via SMS to customers to choose from.
  6. Customer accepts that Arqami service number is rented from Zain and renewed on monthly basis until customer unsubscribes from Arqami service.
  7. Arqami service number is not subject to porting out and/or ownership transfer.
  8. Customer accepts full responsibility for calls and SMS messages transmitted from Arqami service number or any miss-use of the service.
  9. Customer agrees that Arqami service number subscription of (monthly 1.5 kd ), local SMS (20 Fils per SMS) /local Call (45 Fils per minute ) and International SMS (50 Fils per SMS ) charges are applied on customer’s basic line/ account.
  10. Customer acknowledges that rented number is subject to cancellation upon the following cases:
  11. Un-subscription
  12. Terminating basic line/contract
  13. Porting out basic line/contract to other operator(s)
  14. Failing to renew Arqami service
  15. Basic line is cancelled.
  16. Customer acknowledges being fully responsible for any action caused through/ resulted from the use of Arqami service, and confirms that Zain is not responsible or liable for any such actions.
  17. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the service and the charges are subject to change or/and modification in accordance with procedures of Zain.
  18. Arqami service does not enable MMS service.
  19. Arqami service enable customer to place international calls. Tariff as per destination.
  20. Customer acknowledges that Arqami service does not function during roaming.
  21. The service is not enabled for value added services and 7 digits land line numbers i.e. (18xxxxx).
  22. Customer agreeson Arqami subscription rules, conditions and the liability towards Zain.