Save up to KD300 on Wiyana Mobile plans

Your current smartphone can easily help you get a new iPhone! All you need to do is bring your existing smartphone to any of our branches, after we evaluate it, we’ll provide you with credit towards your Wiyana Mobile plan.


Value Estimation

Save up to

iPhone 14
iPhone 14

Save up to

iPhone 13
iPhone 13

Save up to

iPhone 12
iPhone 12

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How can you trade in your phone?


Back up your device and ensure your personal data is deleted.


Visit any of our branches and our team will evaluate your device.


Hand in the old device and choose the new one


Receive your new device.


The amount will directly be credited to your Wiyana Mobile plan.

How do we evaluate your current device?

#453318-Zain iPhone Trade-in-Banners_Desktop Vertical 356x586 px copy 2[67].jpg

It stays on without a charger

#453318-Zain iPhone Trade-in-Banners_Desktop Vertical 356x586 px copy[68].jpg

All sides are in good condition and without scratches

#453318-Zain iPhone Trade-in-Banners_Desktop Vertical 356x586 px copy 3[71].jpg

All buttons are working

#453318-Zain iPhone Trade-in-Banners_Desktop Vertical 356x586 px[34].jpg

The screen works and is not damaged


Trade in FAQs

Why should I trade my device with Zain?

  1. Subscribe or renew Wiyana Plan with the credit value and get a new phone with that value.
  2. Customers can use their trade-in value to pay the outstanding amount on their bill.

What devices are eligible for trade-in?

Only smartphones from the following brands are eligible for the trade-in program:

  1. Apple
  2. Samsung
  3. Huawei

Can I trade in my device for a different brand?

Yes, you can trade your current device for any of the included devices.

Can I use the trade-in service at Zain if I purchased my device from another company?

Yes, you can.

Do I need the device box, charger, and the included components?

No, just bring in the device you would like to trade-in.