What do we cover?

When buying a new phone from Zain, make sure to add the mobile insurance service for 2KD per month only.

Physical damage 960x515-mobile ins-01.jpg

Physical damage

Physical accidental damage, breaking the screen of back of the phone.

Water damage 960x515-mobile ins-02.jpg

Water damage

Accidental water damage.

In case your phone is damaged...

356x586 mobile ins2-01.jpg

1st Repair

Is for free.

356x586 mobile ins2-02.jpg

2nd Repair

We cover 75% of the cost.

356x586 mobile ins2-03.jpg

Device is fully damaged

You get a voucher of 60% of the device value.

For repair, please visit the following branches Saturday to Thursday between 10AM and 8PM,

Al Shuhada Co-op, Adan Co-op, Al Babtain Building, Al Jahra Co-op, Al Kout Mall, Al Farwaniya Co-op

Click here to locate the branches.