What is Score with Zain?

“Score with Zain” is an interactive gaming program where you can play

and learn interesting facts about the world of sports. Get a chance to win valuable grand prizes.


How to join this program?

Daily SMS Subscription

SMS Trivia Game

Send "yes" to 99915



What are the prizes?


Weekly Prizes

KD300 cash or the latest smartphone. The winners will be announced via a draw that will take place two days after the prize day.


Mid-Program Prize

The winner will get KD3000 cash. The mid-program prize winner will be announced via a draw.


Grand Prize

The winner will get a BMW 420i coupe. The grand prize winner will be announced on the last day via a draw.


SMS Trivia Game


Step 1

The service will be activated in 15 minutes. You will be receiving a welcome message inviting you to join the Trivia Quiz.

Note: the welcome message will award you 20 points.


Step 2

Reply to the questions with “1” or “2” or by sending any keyword to the quiz short code.


Step 3

After each answer, you will receive an SMS with the following: 

1. Your answers

2. Your total points

3. Next question

4. Points that will be awarded if you answer correctly


Step 4

Each correct answer gives you at least 10 points. Teaser messages will increase your engagement and get you bonus points. The wrong answers gives you 5 points only.


Terms and Conditions