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Exclusive Arabic content, movie premiers before any other screen
Arabic movies right after they’ve been released in cinemas and no ads interruptions. 

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Things you will love about the Shahid streaming app with Zain


Shahid with Zain

Enjoy one month of subscription on us with Wiyana
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Zain direct carrier billing

Worry Free! With Zain direct carrier billing,
no need to share your credit card information.


Anytime, Anywhere!

Watch Shahid on your phone, tablet, Smart TV
or even your web browser.

Activate Shahid with Wiyana

Step 1

Send 1 to 99898 to activate your subscription.


Activate through MyZain by selecting and registering to Shahid

Step 2

Upon successful activation you will receive a confirmation SMS, including your log in information.

Step 3

Go to shahid.mbc.net to download the app and login with your registered Zain mobile number.

Step 1

Click on "Get Started" below to activate your subscription.

Step 2

Enter your details and activate your account.

Note: if you are eligible for the service on your data line please enter the data line number in the field for registration.

Step 3

You will be redirected to shahid.mbc.net website to complete your registration.


Log in to “MyZain” click on Shahid. You will receive a SMS with a link to help set-up your Shahid subscription.

To Unsubscribe

Send “DS” to 99898 via SMS