Terms and Conditions

The subscription flow is described below:

1. Zain user receives a bulk message inviting him/her to join the ‘Score with Zain’ competition by sending WIN to the dedicated subscription short code.
2. User sends ‘WIN’ to the dedicated subscription short code. The 1-day free trial period has begun.
3. Upon registration, user receives welcome message free of charge, which includes:
- Information about the service
4. After 10 seconds, the subscriber will also receive the Sports Content of the day + 20 chance
5. After 15 minutes, the subscriber will also receive a welcome to MO Trivia game message from the MO short code
Note: This is sent only to subscribers that have not opted-in already to the SMS Trivia Quiz. If already Trivia participant, this step is skipped
6. From second subscription day onwards the subscriber will be attempted to get charged with 0.15 KWD every day by ZAIN. There will be 2 daily billing attempts in the following local times:
a. After midnight (00:00:01)
b. At 18:00 pm
Note: The daily content should be sent only after successful charging
7. If the user is charged during black hours, he will get the points directly, and the content, after the end of the black hours.
8. For each user the free period is only once. If a user opts out without having spent all the free days and then re-opts in the user enters the billed period.