Say it Slower with eeZee.

The first 3 minutes are on you. The rest is on us.

eeZee customer? Talk more and slower

All eeZee customers are now entitled to make calls to friends and loved ones with total ease and without having to worry about timing their words or monitoring calls’ duration. That’s simply because Zain new offer allows all eeZee customers to call any Zain number for a minimum of three minutes to get the next 57 minutes for FREE.


To activate this offer (for free), send 357 to 999.

It’s eeZee!


Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer is valid until 31 December, 2018.
  • This offer is valid only for eeZee customers making Zain-to-Zain calls locally.
  • A customer calling a non-Zain number will be charged as per our regular tariff rate. Such calls are not included in this promotion. ​​​​​​​

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the call duration is for example 10 minutes?

You will be charged normally for the first 3 minutes and will get the remaining 7 minutes free of charge.

What happens if the call duration is less than 3 minutes?

You will be charged normally.

What if I already have a bundle of minutes already activated on my line?

The priority will be for your existing bundle. Once the bundle is expired or fully consumed, you can enjoy the benefits of this promotion given that you’ve already enrolled in the promotion by sending the code 357 to 999 as a text message.

What if I talk to a non-Zain number?

Non-Zain numbers are not part of this promotion, you will be charged regularly.

Will I be charged when I subscribe to this promotion?

No, this promotion will be free of charge.

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