What does ‘VoLTE’ stand for? 

It’s an abbreviation for Voice over LTE.  VoLTE is a voice calling service that is delivered over a 4G (LTE) mobile network. VoLTE is just like a normal call where it takes from your minutes. Once you start browsing, it starts taking from your data cap. There are no extra service fees.

What are the charges for activating VoLTE?

Zain is offering you the VoLTE service for FREE without any additional charges. Regular charges will be applied for both local calls and internet usage based on the available plan.

What does this mean?

Essentially it’s a similar concept to Voice over IP applications like Skype and FaceTime, but with the added advantages of security and Quality of Service. In order for a call to be delivered using VoLTE, the parties must have a VoLTE capable handset (Samsung or Apple devices).

So what benefits will VoLTE bring to you as subscribers? 

Simultaneous Voice and Data Calls:

Say you're on the phone with a friend while you're out and about, and you decide to send a video over whatsapp or watch an Instagram post. Usually, you'd have to end the call to get on the Web, view an Instagram post or send a whatsapp message/image.

What are the VoLTE capable handset devices?

-Apple devices (iPhone 6 model and above):

  1. iPhone 6
  2. iPhone 6 Plus
  3. iPhone 6s
  4. iPhone 6s Plus
  5. iPhone SE
  6. iPhone 7
  7. iPhone 7 Plus
  8. iPhone 8
  9. iPhone 8 Plus
  10. iPhone X

-Samsung devices:

  1. Samsung S6
  2. Samsung S6 Edge
  3. Samsung S7
  4. Samsung S7 Edge
  5. Samsung S8
  6. Samsung S8+
  7. Samsung Note 8
  8. Samsung A8
  9. Samsung A8+
  10. Samsung S9
  11. Samsung S9+

How to get VoLTE on an iPhone:

Settings – Cellular – Cellular Data Option – Enable LTE – Voice and Data

How to get VoLTE on a Samsung:

 Ensure that your device is updated with the latest software.

*For all devices, make sure that it is updated with the latest software

How do I update an iPhone?

Settings – General – Software Updates

How do I update a Samsung?

Settings – About Device – Download Updates Manually