Voice Mail

Store and retrieve voice messages from calls that you have missed.

  • All calls are diverted to your mail box if you are busy or do not wish to answer any call or even if your mobile is switched off
  • An SMS notification will appear on your handset if a message is left in your voice mail box

The Price

Calling the mail box to listen to the messages SMS Notification Calling to leave a message
Free of Charge Free SMS
  • Calling from a mobile: tariff is billed on the call sender.
  • Calling from MOC line: Free of charge.

To Activate

  • Send VM to 99999 or call 107 for assistance.

  • To retrieve your voice messages call 99117.




Video Call

Talk to your friends face to face by seeing them live through your mobile phone screen.


The Price

Traffic Type Call Type Price (Fils/minute)
Zain - Local On-net 75
Zain - Local Off-net 75
Zain - International - 80 + government charges + 10% fee
Zain - Roaming - 80 + country charges + 15% fee

To Activate

Send vc as SMS to 99999

Note: Both the calling and receiving mobile handsets must support video calling and both subscriptions must add the service.


Collect Call

With Collect Call, you can place a call at the receiving party's expense.


The Price

Making a collect Call Receiving a collect call
Charge to receiving party 45 Fils / minute


To Activate

To make a collect call, simply enter the code *123* followed by the desired number, followed by # and then press the yes / call button on your phone.

  • *123*9xxxxxxx# followed by yes / call.

These calls will not be deducted from the calling party.

Receiving a collect call
  • When you receive a collect call, an automated message will instruct you to press # to accept the call or * to reject it.

These calls will be deducted from your phone bill ( 45 Fils per minute)


By pressing *123# or *123* followed by Yes or Call button on your phone, you can set your language preference, create a black list of numbers to always reject, as well as a white list of tursted numbers.




Call Divert

Below you will find a full list of our divert commands, all of which are activated directly on your mobile phone.

Simply dial the appropriate code and hit "Send" or "Call" on your mobile phone.
The Service Activation Code Deactivation Code
Change PIN code **04*Old PIN*new PIN*new PIN# -
Change PIN2 code **04*Old PIN2*new PIN2*new PIN2# -
Change PIN code when it's locked **05*PUK*new PIN*new PIN# -
Add Call Waiting service *43# #43#
To divert after not answering the fifth ring **61*number to divert to# ##61#
To divert after not answering the second ring **61*number to divert to*05# **61*number to divert to**05#
To divert when not in service or the phone is off **62*number to divert to# ##62#
To divert calls with no rings **21*number to divert to# ##21#
To divert calls when the line is busy **67*number to divert to# ##67#
To divert calls when not answering, busy, or out of the coverage area **004*number to divert to# ##004#
To enable the "subscriber is not taking calls at this time" *35*0000# #35*0000#
To disable all outgoing local calls *33*0000# #33*0000#
To disable all outgoing SMS messages *33*0000*16# #33*0000*16#
To disable all outgoing international calls *331*0000# #331*0000#
To disable all incoming SMS messages *35*0000*16# #35*0000*16#




Emergency Divert

You now have the ability to divert your voice calls simply by using an SMS. With Emergency Divert, you can divert your calls even if you have lost or forgotten your phone, and you can divert to any line whether it is Zain, Wataniya, Viva or a landline.


The Price

This service is activated free of charge. Call charges with this service are applied to the origin number and not the number being diverted to, just like it is with the normal divert service.


To Activate

To start divert please send an SMS in the below format to 99990:

(Number to be diverted) (Number to be diverted to) (IVR PIN of number to be diverted).

9xxxxxxx 9xxxxxxx 1xxx

To cancel it, send an SMS in the below format to 99990:

(Number to be diverted) (cancel) (IVR PIN of number to be diverted).

9xxxxxxx cancel 1xxx