This service enables you to send and receive short text messages (SMS) to other mobile handsets. It may consist of up to 160 alphanumeric characters. Even if your mobile is switched off, the network stores the message and delivers it automatically once it recognizes that your phone is switched on again.

This service works locally in Kuwait and it can also work abroad if you are subscribed to the roaming service. Please see the Roaming Partners page on the site to see the operators providing the SMS service and its tariff. You can also use it while travelling all over the world and send messages to international numbers too.

The Price

Price of local sent SMS is 20 fils/ SMS

Price for international sent SMS 50 Fils/ SMS

To Activate

The SMS service is automatically activated for all customers without subscriptions.




You can find out who called you when your mobile is switched off, out of coverage area, busy or while abroad by receiving a MissU SMS specifying the time, number and attempted calls that were made to your phone.

  • In case your mobile has been switched off, you will receive MISSU message for only the past 3 days
  • MissU lists the caller numbers on your mobile when it is switched off, out of the coverage area, busy, or if you had incoming calls diverted to another line.
  • It notifies you of the caller's number, the number of calls attempted, and the time of each call.
  • If you would like to have your phone to see that it is switched off, all you have to do is dial **21*99690999# .  You will receive a notification message confirming the command and you will receive a MissU message every time someone tries to call you
  • This service is available even while roaming. (Depending on the operator's network).
  • No caller number limit. The messages containing the number of calls missed will be received one after another (maximum of 160 characters).

To Activate

MissU Option 1:
  • All missed call numbers will be grouped in one message
  • Price: 500 fils/month for unlimited MissU messages
  • To activate: send (MissU sub1) to 99990
MissU Option 2:
  • All missed call numbers will be grouped in one message
  • Price: 30 fils/message
  • To activate: send (MissU on)  to 99990
MissU Option 3:
  • Missed caller's number will be shown instead of the MissU sender I.D
  • For every missed call from a different number, a new SMS message will be received. Messages will not be grouped.
  • Price: 500 fils/month
  • To activate: send (MissU sub2) to 99990
To unsubscribe:
  • Send MissU off to 99990




Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is very similar to the Short Message Service (SMS); however, MMS will enable you to send pictures, video clips, and ringtones to your friend's mobile number or email. You can compose your own content, send, and receive unlimited messages.

The Price

Recepient Price (Below 50KB) Price ( Additional 50KB)
Local Zain number 75 Fils per MMS Free
Local non-Zain number / Email 75 Fils per MMS Free
International (any destination) 75 Fils per MMS 150 Fils per additional 50KB

To Activate

This service is automatically activated, but in case it is not, send “MMS” to 99999 to receive the MMS configuration message.



MSG Them

With MSGThem you can send a message to a group of people all at once through a Zain service number. The service allows you to share pictures, sounds, invitations, or wish happy holidays to colleagues and groups in a hassle-free way.

The service works by having you create different groups, each containing the contact numbers of your choosing. You can then send messages to the number of a group and all contacts within that group would get the message.

The Price

Registration of the service and programming the numbers are free. Below are the reduced messaging costs for SMS and MMS when using MSGThem:

SMS type SMS Cost
Initial SMS 20 Fils
SMS sent to each number 10 Fils


MMS type MMS Cost
Initial SMS 30 Fils
MMS sent to each number 55 Fils

To Activate

  • To subscribe send “Sub” to 98070, you will receive your Username and Password
  • Visit and follow the instructions to define the mobile numbers within the 10 groups
  • We have created 10 groups where you can place 100 numbers per group, allowing you a total of 1000 numbers altogether. This will give you the opportunity to select a group of people for which specific messages are sent to
  • Send your message to the following Zain service numbers for the respective groups:


Group Number Service Number
One 98070
Two 98071
Three 98072
Four 98073
Five 98074
Six 98075
Seven 98076
Eight 98077
Nine 98078
Ten 98079

If you send the initial message to 98071(Group One), the system will send your message to all numbers registered under that Group in one go.
To add a number by SMS send: A <the number you want to add to group> <NAME> to the number of the group you want to add the recipient in.

  • Send A xxxxxxxx NAME to 9807x

To delete a number by SMS send: D <the number you want to delete from group> to the number of the group you want to delete the recipient from.

  • Send D xxxxxxxx to 9807x



  • You can add or delete more than one number in the same message. For example: Send A 99123456 Mohammad,99654321 Ahmad to 98071
  • **Name: The name of the recipient's number, if you want to add it. It's optional. ***The SMSThem service is also available through Zain WAP.
  • You will only be able to add Zain, Wataniya and Viva numbers.