The Service

Now you can easily manage your voicemail messages through "Visual Voicemail"  directly from your iPhone screen for FREE. It allows you to view, manage, listen to your voicemail messages and record a personal greeting with total ease.


How to activate the service

Send VM to 99999 or call 107 for assistance.


How to use the service

  • Available on iPhone devices only.
  • Your iPhone should be running iOS 7 or later.
  • The maximum limit of messages in the inbox is 40 messages.
  • Your voicemail messages will be saved for 3 days.


You can divert incoming calls to Visual Voicemail by dialing the following codes:

Scenario Divert Activation Code Divert Cancellation Code
If your mobile is switched off or out of the coverage area. **62*99690969# dial ##62#  dial
If your line is busy. **67*99690969# dial ##67#  dial
If you do not reply. **61*99690969# dial ##61#  dial
If you wish to divert all incoming calls. **21*99690969# dial ##21#  dial