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All you need to know about Zain’s procurement's registrations process is here. Please click on the Login button if you're already registered or click on the Register button to register as a new supplier.




In order to facilitate all the transactions between us and other companies wishing to do business with us, we are now giving the opportunity to all the suppliers and companies to register in this page and provide us with their information and type of their services. This will facilitate the cooperation's possibility on both sides. On one hand, the company will know our needs at the moment and how to meet them, and it will be easier for us to know the addresses of these companies that can meet our needs.


Suppliers have to complete the entire registration process until they finally click on the register button on the last page.


Our processing time is approximately five working days for supplier registration depending on all relevant documents requested that have been provided to us.


All approved suppliers will receive an email notification with the user name and password where they can log in and update their company profile. (Procurement department reserves the right to provide the username & the password).


In addition, all the suppliers who got their registration request rejected will also receive an email notification.


Completing the registration process does not guarantee that your company will receive a request to bid or a contract from Zain, nor does it imply that your company has any type of procurement relationship, either now or in the future, until Zain’s procurement team has a requirement and invites you to participate in our procurement process.


For more details on how to register and update your profile, please refer to the Training Documents link on the side menu.


All the required documents for registration are available below according to your company's type. Please click on the preferred title.


Mailing Address:

Mobile Telecommunications Co. (Zain)

Procurement Department

Shuwaikh, Airpot Road, Block 6, Kuwait

P.O. Box 22244

13083 Kuwait

T: KW +965 24644444

F: KW +965 24641111

Email : Proc.Supplier.kw@kw.zain.com

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