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Corporate Roaming & International Services

As a business traveler, you can benefit from a variety of our voice and Internet roaming services and enjoy the perfect roaming experience. Depending on your destination, we offer several international packages and services that are designed to suit your business needs and enhance your experience.

The Service

Now you can make international calls from your postpaid corporate line using eeZee cards.

Just dial *11 followed by the international number you wish to call, and no additional charges will occur on your postpaid number.

To Obtain The Service

The service is available for you by default and with no additional charges for activation.

Just follow the instructions below:

  • Buy an eeZee recharge card from any branch, distributor, or our site
  • Recharge your line by dialing *141* followed by the card number and #
  • Dial *11 then the international number.
    Example: *110096611111111


For any additional inquiries or assistance, please contact one of the following:

  • Your Key Account Manager
  • Zain Corporate Sales Department
  • Zain Business Support Center 108.
Internet Roaming
Enjoy your internet abroad now with more capacity in more countries!

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