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Business Solutions

Make your business run smoother with our host of available solutions. Make transactions using K-Net, setup an email system for your business and run a network of vehicles to deliver your goods.

The Service

Get a wireless K-Net device now with a Zain SIM card installed, and have all your transactions complete within seconds. Save time, ensure customer satisfaction, and offer the best quality and speed.

These devices are used to authenticate payments using K-NET cards or credit cards by processing the transaction over Zain’s secure and fast data network. Reach out to all your customers no matter where they are located in Kuwait thanks to our nationwide GPRS coverage and secure data network.

To Obtain The Service

Contact your Key Account Manager to request this service.


  • Have a valid bank account with any bank in Kuwait
  • Have an agreement with your bank to install and connect devices


For any additional inquiries or assistance, please contact one of the following:

  • Your Key Account Manager
  • K-Net Help desk
  • Zain Business Support Center 108
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