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March 20, 2017

Zain organized 15th annual Employee Omrah Trip

Kuwait - 19 March, 2017

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, recently organized the 15th Omrah trip for employees and their families to visit the Sacred House in Mecca. This annually held trip aims at enriching bonding and closeness between Zain employees out of the office atmosphere.


Zain organizes this spiritual trip on an annual basis to reflect its keenness in supporting and enhancing the spiritual aspects of its human recourses. The trip saw a large number of Zain employees and their families visiting the Sacred House in Mecca, and it came in line with the company’s continuous efforts to enrich communication with its own staff in one family atmosphere.


The travelers were accompanied by Sheikh Dr. Badr Al Hajraf, who was present throughout the whole trip to share his experiences through lectures and seminars about the rituals of Omrah as well as aspects of the history of the Islamic civilization. Dr. Al Hajraf’s participation added value to the trip, enriching the informative aspect of it.


Zain was keen to diversify the content of the trip, as it was not only restricted to the religious aspect. Many activities were organized that included historic and cultural programs as well as a visit to the Kaaba Kiswa Factory in Mecca. In addition, cultural contests were held to test the participants’ knowledge and add a joyful flavor to the trip.


The company considers its employees the main pillar of its overall success, and thus caters to the many different aspects of their lives. This annual initiative comes as part of Zain’s CSR commitment towards its human resources, especially after the positive feedback it received previously. Zain will always put the development of the cultural and spiritual aspects of its employees at the forefront of its priorities.    

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