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Postpaid Plans

Enjoy our full line of postpaid services. Whether it's Voice, Internet or BlackBerry services, we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

eeZee Internet

The Service

Enjoy the peace of mind and flexibility provided by having prepaid Internet. Whether you are looking to use the Internet at home or in the office, for your personal computer or your mobile phone, eeZee Internet offers a variety of plans to suit your needs.

The Price

Internet for smartphones, tablets, e-GO devices and routers:

4G Internet Capacity Price Activation
1 GB KD 5 M2 to 999
6 GB KD 8 M1 to 999
30 GB KD 16 M7 to 999
80 GB KD 19 M8 to 999
300 GB KD 24 M9 to 999



4G Internet Capacity Price Activation
4 GB KD 4 W1 to 999
4G Internet Capacity Price Activation
1 GB KD 1 D1 to 999

For Extra GB's (on your monthly plan) 

You can get additional usage when you reach your capacity.

Capacity to addPriceTo Activate on SMSTo Activate online
5 GB KD 3 Send "A1" to 999 Visit zain.to/connect
25 GB KD 12 Send "A2" to 999 Visit zain.to/connect

*Additional cap will be valid until the end of the month.

To Activate

Send NET to 999 , or visit http://zain.to/connect

Or visit one of our  branches or authorized distributors.

Or you may subscribe or check your balance from our service menu by dialing *107#


For more information please call 107.

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