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The Service:

With My New#, it's now extremely easy to change your phone number. You can activate the service with a SMS message, then divert your calls to your new number from your old one.

After changing your number, this service will inform all callers to your old number about the number change. They will receive your new number and you will be informed about the attempted call.

This service is provided free of charge. Change to a new number without worrying about the details!

To Subscribe:

Signing up for this service and changing your number is a very easy process.

To Activate:

  1. From your new Zain mobile number send an SMS to 99990 with keyword NEW <your old number>
  2. From your old mobile number, divert all your calls to the new number.  Dial *21*<your new number>#
  3. You are done!

Now, when  your friends try to call your old number, they will receive the below SMS

The Zain customer you are trying to contact can now be reached at the number below. Thank you. +965XXXXXXXX

At the same time, you will receive the below SMS on your new number

Dear customer, this number +9659xxxxxxx has called your old line, a message with your new number was sent to the caller

To de-Activate the service:

  1. From your new Zain number send an SMS to 99990 with keyword NEW OFF
  2. From your old mobile number, cancel call divert by dialing #21##
  3. You are done!



For more information, please call our Customer Care Center at 107.

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