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Postpaid Plans

Enjoy our full line of postpaid services. Whether it's Voice, Internet or BlackBerry services, we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

Prepaid Calling Card

The Service

As a Zain postpaid customer,  you can use the eeZee recharge cards (prepaid vouchers) as international calling cards. You can use the eeZee recharge cards to fill up on some international calling minutes. Then, by dialing a special code before an international number, your call will be paid for by your eeZee recharge card.

This service is provided for postpaid customers only.

To Activate

  • To activate the service, please call 107 or visit any of our branches (once only).
  • Buy an eeZee recharge card from our branches and distributors, or just click here to buy the recharge cards through the website.
  • Recharge your line by dialing *141* followed by the card number.
  • Dial * 11 then the international number. For example: *110096611111111


For more information please call 107

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