Credit Transfer

You have the ability to transfer credit from your postpaid or prepaid voice lines to prepaid voice and data lines (only).

To Activate

In order to begin using this service, you will have to activate it via SMS.

Credit transfer commands and text (by SMS service):

  • To register new subscriber: send ON to 99998
  • You will receive a pin number, which you will use for all future transfers
  • To unsubscribe from service: send OFF [pin] to 99998
  • To initialize transfer: send T [recipient] [Amount] to 99998
  • To confirm the transfer: send [pin] to 99998
  • To cancel the open transfer: Send cancel to 99998
  • To change the pin: send c [Old pin] [New Pin] to 99998

Using the service:

  • Your Postpaid line has to be active for at least 90 Days to transfer credit.
  • Credit transfer is not possible if your Postpaid line has a Past Due of KD 50 or more.
  • For Prepaid, At least KD 0.001 must remain in the sender's balance after the credit transfer operation is done or it will not be completed.
  • Transferred credit and validity will be deducted from the sender's balance.
  • Only Increments of 100 Fils are allowed.





Postpaid KD 1.5 KD 30 KD 30 KD 30
Prepaid KD 1 KD 30 KD 30 KD 100


Amount Transferred (KD) Validity of Transferred Credit (Days)
1 - 2.999 3
3 - 9.999 5
10 - 25+ 7

International Credit Transfer

Transfer any amount of credit to anyone you want, on supported carriers around the world, and stay close to your loved ones.

To Activate

  • Send "TR" to 94009 to start using the service.
  • Follow the instructions via SMS and send credit to the international number of your choice.

Using the service:

  • This service is available only for prepaid voice lines
  • You can send different amounts of credit depending on the country the receiving number is located at
  • The monthly transfer limit is KD 30
  • You can make up to 20 transactions per month
  • Validity rules do not apply to this service
  • At least KD 1 must remain in the balance (sender) after the credit transfer operation or it will not be completed