As part of Zain’s strategic direction, goals, and responsibilities is our responsibility towards our environment. Therefore, we make sure that we minimize harmful byproducts of our everyday activities. By promoting recycling, conserving energy, reusing materials, and promoting environmentally-friendly activities and events at Zain and in the community. 

Waste Management & Conservation

Zain has been following a green program internally for the past 5 years, incorporating its internal divisions to practice green methods. Creating a positive green mindset throughout all our Zain operations leads to a greener, healthier environment. 


Zain and its customers environment

To keep up with current times, a mass number of changes have took place at Zain’s branches, from the introduction of screens via a server system to market Zain’s products and services, away from the traditional paper flyers and posters, to the provision of our reusable biodegradable bags for our customers to take home with them and a reduction of plastic bags. As a result, the amount of flyers, posters, plastic bags and DVDs, being printed has decreased dramatically, which in turn, is a positive effect for the environment. 


Decreasing the consumption of paper is an ever-growing challenge in our everyday business environment. It is important to educate individuals the hazards that paper consumption poses on the environment. To counter the increased printing and utilization of paper, Zain does this through several outlets.



Instead of the regular printing of receipts and statements, Zain opts individuals and corporates to receive their receipts via E-mail, or view their recent call statements online through Zain’s web portal without having the need to print and discard paper. As a result, there has been a 45% reduction in the use of paper at Zain’s branches.  

Energy and water conservation

Conserving energy is an essential part of our everyday business. Focusing on the establishment of a green business environment aids our overall strategic objective in conserving energy and water. Responsible usage of water is a key area in achieving this objective. That’s why during 2010 our Facilities Management team at Zain Kuwait had installed new water faucets to conserve water and reduce water loss.


Network Components

The safe dismantling and recycling of network components is carried out at Zain, to ensure no harmful byproducts of our activities affect the environment. Redundant network infrastructure has to be safely dismantled and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. Several components such as acid batteries, old diesel generators and air conditioning units are an example of such components that get recycled and/or disposed of.


Hazardous Material

To ensure the safety of our employees and avoid any health implications in the future, all hazardous refrigeration gases that are used in air conditioning units have been banned ( R11 , R22) and the use of the R134a gas is in effect,

Furthermore, the use of Halon fire extinguishers has been banned, as well as, the permanent removal of FM200 gas in fire extinguishers has been permanently removed, The introduction of inert gases in fire extinguishers is an environmentally friendly method to extinguishing fires through the utilization of 100% pure natural gases. 


Continuous Research

To improve our current environmental standing and knowledge, Zain seeks to enhance its employees knowledge in matters of the environment. This takes place in a number of ways ranging from attending seminars for green buildings, carrying out internal discussions about maximization of efficiency, researching into alternative energies, and many more!


Fulfilling our promise to support the environment and the society we operate and live in is part of our CSR core pillars and Corporate strategy. By maintaining a consistently green environment Zain’s role to the community as a protective figure is upheld and ensures the concerned stakeholders are reached. This cause was chosen as it affects all stakeholders such as impacting education and school tours, highlighting artists and innovators, encouraging social entrepreneurs, and finally the funds also contribute in greater initiatives that are carried out on a sustainable manner during  the year, ALYAL project etc.