Zain launches ‘Play eeZee’ promotion for prepaid customers

Fun online game entitles customers to win one of four FREE instant prizes



Kuwait, 27 July 2019

Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced the launch of its latest promotion for prepaid (eeZee) customers entitled ‘Play eeZee’. The new promotion offers prepaid customers the chance to enjoy playing a fun online game for FREE to win one of four exciting instant prizes.

Zain specially designed the new offer for its prepaid (eeZee) customers with the aim of offering them the chance to enjoy a number of FREE prizes during the summer. The company is keen on meeting the needs and aspirations of its customers, considered the largest family of subscribers in Kuwait.

Once a customer recharges their eeZee line with KD 5 or more, they will instantly receive an SMS message containing a link that will give them access to a fun online game on their smart device (Internet connection not required). Once the link is clicked, the customer will be shown four cards with four different exciting instant prizes. The customer can simply choose their favorite prize and begin the game. The prizes will then be hidden from view and the cards will be randomly shuffled, where the customer must visually track their chosen card carefully. Should the customer selects the correct card, they will win their favorite prize instantly for FREE. In case the customer fails to select the correct card, they will instead win another exciting instant prize for FREE.

The instant prizes featured in the game include extra GBs, local minutes, international minutes, balance validity, and bonus credit. All customers have to do is simply recharge their balance with KD 5 or more to win one of the exciting instant prizes for FREE the first time. The value of the instant prize will increase when the amount recharged increases. Customers who wish to win another instant prize may play again for a second and third times for KD 1 only per turn. The game is available in six different languages: Arabic, English, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, and Tagalog.

The new promotion was specifically designed to complement the needs and aspirations of Zain’s prepaid customers. By launching this new innovative promotion, the company aims at creating a new concept for the services it offers, as well as offering convenience with flexible plans that meet the different personal and professional needs of its prepaid customers.

Zain is committed to offer the most flexible and innovative offerings in the market for both prepaid and postpaid customers, reinforcing its leadership position and its pledge in offering the best services and offers to the largest family of subscribers in Kuwait.