Zain Strategic Partner of CODED Fresh Grad Boot Camp

Company keen on supporting and developing tech innovation ecosystem


Kuwait - 30 July 2019

Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced its Strategic Partnership of the CODED Fresh Grad Boot Camp, an intensive educational program that aims at training 20 fresh university graduates on essential programming skills to make them job-ready as programmers.

Zain’s extended Strategic Partnership with CODED comes in line with its Corporate Sustainability strategy towards the Education sector, through which the company is keen on contributing to the development and advancement of the tech innovation ecosystem within all age groups, including university graduates, to boost their coding and technology skills, as such skills are essential for the modern digital world.

The CODED Fresh Grad Boot Camp mainly aims at training fresh university graduates on 7 essential programming languages to make them job-ready as programmers and developers. 20 graduates were selected from over 560 applicants from across various universities, and they will spend 12 intensive weeks of seminars and workshops supervised by CODED’s team. Zain’s team was present during the orientation session, which gathered the graduates in preparation of the program’s launch.

Through supporting this unique program, Zain seeks to offer the best educational environment for university graduates in Kuwait to nurture their talents, enrich their skills, and promote tech innovation within them. Zain believes in the important role tech innovation plays in building the future and progressing national economy.

Zain is keen on playing a vital role as an integrated digital service provider in light of the rapid digital changes witnessed by the modern world. The company always seeks to reach new levels of excellence with its customers through offering the best innovative services, meeting their needs and aspirations, as well as supporting programs and initiatives that embrace tech innovation and aim at developing it. 

Zain further reaffirms its commitment to supporting any entity that offers the proper educational environment for the next generation as per the highest international standards. The company will spare no efforts in offering its support to such initiatives and programs that serve the community and contribute to the further progress of the country.

Last year, Zain supported the CODED Juniors Summer Camp, which aimed at teaching school children (ages 7-12) the basics of coding languages and technology using the latest tools and gadgets like robots, smart toys, computers, and more, as well as traditional learning methods such as art, drawing, and music. The program featured a fun educational environment that lasted for 4 weeks in the Space Museum at Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center.