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I don’t have 4G LTE internet on my iPhone, why?

"1. Please ensure you have the right version of the iPhone (iPhone 5: Model A1429/iPhone 5C: Model A1507/iPhone 5s: Model A1457) and are 4G LTE compatible 2. Your SIM card needs to be 4G LTE compatible 3. Try to go to Settings -- Cellular – Cellular Data ON, Enable LTE ON 4. If that doesn’t work then go to Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings (insert device lock code if required)"

How can I add or change a service?

Alternatively you can send “GO” to 999 or visit our Internet portal ( from your device. Note: Ensure that your device is not connected on a WIFI network when you perform this task. And to activate a package on your router, make sure you're connected on your routers WIFI network."

I don’t have 4G LTE on my smartphone.

"1. Please ensure that your device is 4G LTE compatible 2. Your SIM card needs to be 4G LTE compatible 3. Please make sure that your LTE is enabled. (Settings – Cellular – Enable LTE) 4. If the problem continues, then call 107

If my previous operator calls or disturbs me as a way of inviting me back to its network within a period of 90 days of porting, to whom should I report?

You can report this to Zain

Will my old operator stop billing me when I port?

Postpaid customers will receive a final bill for usage up to 60 days after the time their number is ported to the new operator. You will have 30 days to settle this final bill or risk having your port reversed and/or losing your number.

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