Hosted collaboration solution (HCS)


Stay in control of all the private information your business has or my obtain in the future with Zain Business Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) by Cisco. This service provides voice and video calls with benefits of a cloud, while retaining control and ownership of your collaboration and communication service. In addition, it eliminates the difficulties of conference calling as it supports web and video conferencing through your entire company.





  • HCS offers a customizable and scalable solution with a various array of plans, features and end points.
  • Use video to catch a meeting with customers and colleagues on compatible devices, or take your desk phone on the road with the Jabber app.
  • HCS grows with your business. You have the option to either add on-premises capabilities or add extra capacity in the cloud.


  • Deploy HCS in your private cloud if you need to keep sensitive data behind your firewall, or keep data separate between divisions or departments for regulatory purposes.
  • HCS provides an optional, powerful management platform that offers service provider quality tools made simple for your business.
  • Using a single interface, centrally manage all your applications in the data center along with remote endpoints, regardless of geography.
  • Zain provides the largest connectivity footprint in Kuwait, which you can rely on to ensure performance and reliability.


  1. Bring your people together more easily and quickly to share information. HCS helps to deliver a seamless and consistent user experience across multiple devices and locations, while reducing the cost and complications of management.
  2. Provides a consistent user experience across different compatible connected devices and locations with coverage, while avoiding the cost and complexity of buying, integrating and managing hardware and applications.


Build your HCS in three simple steps


Step 1: Select your plan & choose your add-ons

Each plan brings you a range of features that can be used with compatible audio and video endpoints. The services have been bundled to suit a variety of usage needs and budgets. Choose the plan that works best for you:

Step 2: Choose your endpoints

You can improve the experience for your staff by obtaining the latest high quality voice and video endpoints through us. Choose from a variety of endpoints that are companionable with HCS, from basic phones, office video phones or fully-featured video conference devices:

Step 3: HCS+

HCS + includes many features, such as call recording, phone lock, IVR, advanced queues and many other features. It is available in eight different languages, and is suitable for use in different regions. It's easy, reliable and affordable.


Step 4: Initiate your first call!

For additional inquiries or assistance, please contact any of the following:

  • Your Key Account Manager
  • Zain Business Sales Department
  • Zain Business Support Center 108

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