Zain Business introduces Z-Hub

An integrated hub where you can find a variety of services tailored to meet the needs of SMEs in one user-friendly place to ensure the swift expansion for your business.

Creating mutually beneficial deals for customers, clients, and partners while maintaining the efficiency and speed of day-to-day business operations. Be the difference with Z-HUB

With exclusive offers and benefits that will assist in the foundation of your business, we’re here to lend a hand.


Main features of Z-Hub



Integrated platform where you can manage your products with ease


Marketing Services

We offer analysis, strategies and branding customizable for you


HR Services

Aids business owners to manage their employees.


Location Services

Get recognized on Google maps and have an online presence.


Insurance Services

We provide consultation and risk assessment


Tendering Services

Easing the tendering process across all sectors


Other Services

Numerous products and services are offered in Zain Business, and today in Z-Hub

Z-HUB Partners 



Online E-commerce tool to meet every business need that includes UStore, Upay, and Uinterface.



Fully customizable restaurant delivery platform



Offering complete e-commerce tools, solutions, and plans that include

ExpandCart Professional, ExpandCart Ultimate, and ExpandCart Enterprise


Tendering Center

Tendering Center offers a one-year tendering plan and notifications that is designed to facilitate tenderers and bidders

Chrysalis General Trading Company

Chrysalis General trading helps you get Google Business verification in addition to 360 virtual walkthrough tour.



Providing consultancy services such as MenaLite Core, MenaLite HR and MenaTracks.

In addition to MenaCRM that helps to develop innovation



AlOthman Pearls

Helps create comprehensive insurance packages for your office, salon, shop, clinic and even restaurant all at a below-market price.



We offer multiple packages based on your needs, such as Total’s Starter, Growth and Enterprise Packages that

include a online advertising credit worth KD50

*Terms and Conditions Apply



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