About Cisco Webex

As a precautionary measure for the current circumstances, Zain Business introduces a telecommuting solution for corporate customers which comes in collaboration with Cisco “Webex”.

The solution gives the employee more flexibility to balance work and personal obligations which provides many benefits to the employee, the organization, and society in general for safe environment.



Anytime, Anywhere!

Whether on the go, at a desk, or home you still can join your meeting through Webex Teams;

which helps speed up projects and overcome your business challenges with better relationships, to solve daily tasks.


Team Collaboration

It’s about total team collaboration that you need to keep work progressing and collaborate with the others using to digital collaboration tool.


Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is as main pillar of unified meeting in person with the Webex mobile app (IoS or Android) or desktop, you can meet absolutely anytime/anywhere.


Communicate with your employees remotely

Presentations, document sharing and collaboration will be easier.

You can even explore and communicate with your employees remotely and on instance access.

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