The Optimum Data Center Space


Guaranteed safety-ensuring services

The center provides you with guaranteed safety-ensuring services, that include different high capacity cabinets with remote-controlled

power outlets, cooling systems as well as access to equipment.


Designed for demanding data center environments

The initial physical installation and cabling of hardware is engineered for demanding data center environments that require advanced physical security.

Containments and Closed Rooms



Store your data

We store your data on a multi-tenant block-based platform in our containments and closed rooms of your preference.


Access card

You can easily access your rooms (they are completely isolated and protected for your very own access through your access card).

Environment Features Power



Our Data Center includes a cooling and humidity system, that ensures cooling efficiency as per Data Centers SLA.

It also reduces the risks of fire through its detection and suppression systems that use FM200 Gas.

Physical Security



A professional security team available 24/7


Biometric systems include E-card reader access in entrances, units and room door levels


Access and control over each room

Service Details



Full Cabinet (U47) Rental

High Capacity Internet Services

High Capacity Data Services

Amazon Cloud Services (International) + Hosting Rentals

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) connectivity to International Destinations

Packages to be offered in the future



Application Hosting Dedicated Server

Application Hosting Shared Server

Local Cloud Services

Cloud Based Application Hosting

Local Cloud Based IP Telephony Services


We are aware that you might have questions on how such a facility can benefit your specific business with aspects that aid in choosing the right center for you.

That is why with Zain Business we will be guiding you through our customer care, on-site technical and logistical support 24/7 to ensure you with the right means

to Connect directly to your strategic partners and end users with our dynamic while optimizing the performance of your content and applications.



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