Cloud Computing

Zain recognizes the important value of data in driving digital transformation in Kuwait. As such, it has partnered with renowned global providers in cloud computing, data center solutions and IT services to bring the best-in-class solutions to its business customers.  

Zain’s cloud solutions are custom-built by our talented solution architects to enable sustainable digital transformation, innovation, cost optimization and accelerated time to market. Zain solutions are backed by industry-leading SLAs with proactive 24/7 support through an advanced network operations center. 

Zain’s portfolio covers a wide range of solutions from cloud advisory, virtual private servers and cloud containers to in-country datacenters and fully managed applications. 



Infrastructure as a Service  


Virtual Private Server  

Zain’s Virtual Private Server service offers a virtualized environment hosted in Zain’s local and regional cloud data centers, to consolidate and optimize your IT infrastructure using cloud computing technology.  

The solution, in the form of a virtual machine (server), allows you to select the desired bandwidth, disk space, memory, computing (CPU), and operating system to install and configure your own customer business applications. Thus, ensuring reduced CAPEX and improved flexibility and scalability. 


Virtual Private Data Center 

Based on industry-leading performance and SLAs, Zain’s Virtual Data Center helps you run multiple applications and operating systems on a single server on the cloud. 

Our cutting-edge cloud technology ensures the seamless transformation of your business applications giving you more flexibility and control over your IT infrastructure.  


Zain Cloud Connect 

Zain Cloud Connect is an innovative platform that connects customers and different cloud service providers (CSP) in a simple and cost-effective way. 

Zain provides private and dedicated cloud connectivity through AWS DirectConnect, Microsoft ExpressRoute, or Oracle FastConnect to reach your publicly hosted IT infrastructure in the most secure manner possible. 


Private Cloud 

A private cloud infrastructure that is provisioned and fully managed by Zain exclusively for a single organization. The private cloud offers a great degree of privacy and control over your cloud infrastructure, applications and data.  


Backup as a Service 

BaaS is an integrated data protection solution to help organizations safeguard their most strategic asset (information) against losses thereby giving them complete control and visibility of their data. It is designed on the fundamental 3A’s of backup and recovery: Anywhere, Anytime, and Always accessible.


Disaster Recovery as Service 

Zain’s DRaaS is a replication of a data center facility to guarantee the resilience of a customer network and the recovery of the infrastructure, data, and critical applications during unforeseen events, natural or man-made disasters 


Platform as a Service


Container as a Service 

Zain’s Container as a Service (CaaS) offers a cloud orchestration platform, on which software developers and IT departments can upload, organize, run, scale, and manage containers, creating consistent environments to rapidly develop and deliver cloud-native applications that can run anywhere, saving money and increasing efficiency. 




Kubernetes as a Service 

Zain Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) offers a framework to run distributed systems resiliently, automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications, with failover, load-balancing, storage orchestration, automated rollouts and rollbacks. 


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