Smart Security as a Service  

Zain Business provides hosted cloud-based solution that goes beyond video surveillance providing advanced video analytics & Intelligence, self-service, and centralized monitoring to help businesses attain a higher level of security & more accumulated smart insights.




Video Surveillance as a Service

Providing video management & recording, basic video analytics and cloud archiving.

Video Artificial Intelligence

Offering facial & automatic license plate recognition in addition to behavioral analysis & business intelligence.

Advanced Video Analytics

Including object detection, classification, and tracking.

Secure & Private Connectivity

GIS Map View

View and access footage based on geo-map location of camera.

Unified Incident Management

Including surveillance controls, navigation, stream management & analytics, and alarm integration.

Centralized Monitoring

Providing Instant access to real-time footage of all branches from one platform.



End user portal which offers the customer self-service capabilities.


Customer Benefits


Lower Upfront Investment

Invest precious capital into other business areas with our OPEX-based pricing.

Lower Power Costs

Shared infrastructure gives better hardware utilization with more efficient power use and lowers the cost of electricity.

Reduced IT Staffing Cost

Lower your total IT cost and redeploy employees with the cloud provider’s IT staff shared infrastructure.

Reliability and Redundancy

Numerous Data Centers located in the cloud that can protect your data and system against failures.

Business Intelligence

SSaaS solutions include real time centralized monitoring with self-service capabilities, objects & events recognition, among other features.


Scalable architecture of different modules supporting on demand expansion in storage, processing power, memory, and cameras.


Easy plug & play model, allowing coverage of several branches, adaptable to wide range hardware, security subsystems, and applications.



Secure & encrypted cloud solution protecting your data, storage, and applications.



Solution Components

Unified Incident Management

Empower your security with powerful technology and software that delivers a full range of video surveillance and access control solutions, from servers to cameras.

Advanced Video Analytics


Advanced Video Analytics

SSaaS solutions provides you with identification capabilities based on predefined filters, in addition to the ability to search occurred events within a selected region of a camera view.

Video Artificial Intelligence


Video Artificial Intelligence

This feature offers facial & automatic license plate recognition and the ability to create an index of faces, identified by age group or gender using advanced processing.


Cloud Storage

Zain business provides secure and easily accessible data storage and management, with 24/7 surveillance.

Cameras and NVR

Cameras and NVR

SSaaS solutions collaborated with two of the best video surveillance tech companies, Avigilon and Dahua, to offer the best services to all types of businesses.

Connectivity Plan

Connectivity Plan

Zain Business provides a wide range of connection types with various bandwidths and speeds to choose from depending on your business’s needs

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