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M2M connected devices sense their environment


Network connectivity carries M2M data


An M2M platform aggregates data and controls your devices


Applications use M2M data in business processes


Discover real-time solutions

With the new Machine-to-Machine solution from Zain in partnership with Vodafone - the leading global M2M provider -

you are presented with a unique opportunity to increase your business’ productivity and efficiency while greatly improving functionality and timelines.



Monitor your assets

Using M2M will allow you to monitor your assets where it can send and receive data about temperature, weight, location or any number of other factors


Central management systems in real time

Autonomously send requests to each other and to central management systems in real time.


A whole new world of opportunities

It opens up a whole new world of opportunities for business agility and efficiency.


M2M covers a wide range of industries and business sectors!

The benefits of M2M cover a wide range of industries and business sectors such as oil/gas, energy,

utilities, logistics, banking and others, assuring complete control over corporate practices.

Complete vehicle management


Monitor your vehicles connectivity at all times!

M2M greatly improves your efficiency by allowing you to monitor your vehicles connectivity at all times.


Fleet management systems

Ensure that vehicles and their shipments reach their destination on time, routing the driver around traffic blackspots and monitoring the vehicle’s engine condition

to pre-empt potential breakdowns that could disrupt service.

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While every M2M solution is different, each is made up of key elements.


Securing your sites!

Zain M2M services allow you to manage your wireless security cameras, sending images to a monitoring center, even where there’s no supporting infrastructure.


Giving new insights into your oil/gas

With M2M, you can monitor, track and diagnose the performance and health of oil & gas assets.


Building a smarter grid

M2M sensors around the electricity grid can report in real time, helping prevent power outages, increase capacity and defer costly investment.


Cost-effective construction

With M2M, you can easily track and monitor all your factory or construction site equipment, assets and raw materials while ensuring that no sabotage or theft occurs on site.

You will be able to automatically detect and communicate any disturbance or malfunction on site, increasing safety and efficiency,

get early warning of potential failures that could cause the assembly line to grind to halt.



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