Power-up Your Data in a Digital Ecosystem

Zain Business Data Center (BDC) has the ability to offer companies the reliable support they need, in terms of data storage, industry-leading security and connectivity when hosting their digital assets in the MENA region.Power-up Your Data in a Digital Ecosystem.


Data Center Space

Zain Business Data Center ensures service availability and reliability through its different high capacity cabinets with remote controllable power outlets, cooling system and 24x7 access to equipment. The initial physical installation and cabling of hardware is engineered for demanding data center environments requiring physical security.


Containments and Closed Rooms

We store your data on a multi-tenant block-based platform in our containments and closed rooms of your choice, which are easily and instantly accessible by you, but totally isolated from other users and completely inaccessible by them. You can easily access your rack using your access card. 


Cable Management

Zain Business Data Center provides cross connects which allow our customers to connect via fiber conduits that link with our carriers and Internet services. These connections are established quickly and easily with initial physical installation and cabling of hardware by our technicians, and Zain Business acting as a single point of contact to resolve service issues.


Environment Features Power

Our (BDC), engineered for expansive network infrastructure, provides remote controllable power outlets and up to 3KVA of 240V AC electrical service per rack, backed by industry specific SLAs and network uptime guarantees.



Our (BDC) includes a cooling and humidity system, which ensures cooling efficiency as per data centers SLA. Fire Detection and Suppression. Our (BDC) reduces risks by fire detection and suppression systems with FM200 Gas.


Physical Security

Your data and your business integrity are safe with us, by providing you with a secure infrastructure consisting of an array of security equipment, techniques and procedures to control, monitor and record access to the facility.


Security Features

  • • 24x7 physical manpower security
  • • Biometric systems including e-card reader access on
  •    an entrance, containment and rack door levels
  • • Access and control over each rack


Service Details

Active Packages:

  • • 47U Full Cabinet Rental
  • • High Capacity Internet Services
  • • High Capacity Data Services
  • • MPLS Connectivity to International Destinations
  • • Amazon Cloud Services (International) + Hosting Rental

Upcoming Packages:

  • • Application Hosting Dedicated Server
  • • Application Hosting Shared Server
  • • Local Cloud Services – Kuwait
  • • Cloud Based Application Hosting
  • • Local Cloud Based IP Telephony Services


Customer Support

Opting for a local Business Data Center is certainly the right move, but the odds are that you have questions on how such a facility will benefit your specific business, and how you will choose the right center for you. Turn to Zain BDC for guidance, customer care, on-site technical and logistical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Connect directly to your strategic partners and end users with our dynamic ecosystems within Zain Business Data Center, optimize the performance of your content and applications, and protect your vital digital assets.


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