Here at Zain, we’ve always been optimists.

We’re the people who see the glass half full. That’s why, when we look out, we see a wonderful world: one full of opportunities waiting for the right people to grab them and run. History has been defined by those who believed in something different, something better.

We believe in believers. At every step, we’re working to put the whole world within reach, bringing people closer to those who matter, putting a universe of experiences at your fingertips.

So to all the world’s believers, we’ll prove the naysayers wrong. We dare you to dream. We dare you to dream bigger. Welcome to our wonderful world.


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A Wonderful World

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes 5G special?

5G has a speed beyond imagination with a fast response rate that engages and adapts responses from more than one device at once.

What are the 5G devices?

Today, you can enjoy the 5G service by purchasing our latest 5G Internet devices: the 5G HUB, Huawei 5G Hotspot and the 5G BOLT

Am I able to activate the 5G service on my Smartphone?

The 5G service is currently activated on the following devices: Samsung Note10+ 5G and the Huawei Mate 20X 5G

What is the latest 5G device?

The 5G HUB is the latest and most advanced 5G device in Kuwait and exclusively at Zain. This device not only serves as a router and hotspot; it can also connect to your TV unit and allow you to fast stream your favorite TV shows and programs. You can also play all your favorite games using this same device and connects up to 20 devices at the same time.

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