Prepaid Plans


Unused minutes and messages are not carried over to the following month, and the monthly subscription fee will be payable even in the case of temporary disconnection.

A monthly limit is placed on the number of minutes and messages our users have access to, both On-net (within the Zain network) and Off-net (outside the Zain network), and that is to prevent the abuse of our services, and to provide the best possible customer experience to our users.


Additional Benefits

Maximum Usage

Unlimited Zain to Zain Local Calls

43,200 minutes per month

Unlimited Local Calls

43,200 on-net minutes per month


9,000 off-net minutes per month

Unlimited Streaming

100 GB per month (YouTube, Netflix, Dailymotion, etc)

Daily Unlimited Calls and Internet

1,440 on-net minutes


300 off-net minutes


25 GB

Unlimited Local SMS add-on



Prepaid Internet Plans Fair Usage Policy

Our prepaid Internet plan has a cap applied in order to prevent the abuse of these services. The caps can be found below. Once the cap has been reached, you can buy additional capacity.


Renewal Capacity*

Night Time Capacity*


Plan Price

25 GB

20 GB

20 GB




*Night time GB is active from 12 AM to 6 AM

*25 GB for renewal is for all day internet.


Extra GB

In the case of surpassing the usage capacity of an Internet plan, you can buy additional capacity before the end of the month.


Extra GB for Postpaid and Prepaid


 50 GB

KD 3

100 GB

KD 5


These rules and policies are subject to change without prior notice.