4 Easy Steps to Create Your Plan

Select one or all of the following UNLIMITED add-ons: Unlimited WhatsApp, YouTube, Social Media (IG, SC, Twitter, and FB)

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Step 1

Select the amount of GBs you need.

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Step 2

Select the amount of local minutes on Zain network

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Step 3

Select the amount of International minutes you need

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Step 4

Enhance your bundle with more benefits!


Try the calculator below to get the idea.

Download the Zain App now and create your unique bundle

Check the price of your selected bundle and activate it. You can also schedule your bundle to be activated later as your “Future Plan”.


What about next month?

Maintain sufficient credit in your balance and auto renew the bundle on time in order to:

Double your benefits after your first renewal and triple the benefits after the second renewal.

Keep auto renewing on-time to maintain the original benefits TRIPLED for the same price. Example: you have activated 25 GB Internet bundle for KD 8 on the first month. If you maintain sufficient credit to allow on-time auto renewal, you will get 50 GB on the second month and 75 GB on the third month for the same original price that is KD 8! You will continue having 75 GB Internet capacity every month as long as you automatically renew your bundle on time.

Rollover your unused benefits to the next month.

Example: you have activated 25 GB Internet bundle for KD8 on the first month. Throughout the month, you use 10 GB out of 25 GB only. If you auto- renew the bundle on time, you will get the remaining 15 GB rolled over to next month and it will be added to the 50 GB DOUBLED benefits that you will also get. Therefore, in total, on the second month, you will get a total of 65 GB for the same price that is KD 8.