Terms & Conditions


* The customer acknowledges that he/she read and is aware of all subscription terms and conditions for Zain services, in addition to all the relevant details found on the company's website. The customer hereby undertakes to carry out all of his/her obligations owed to the company. The customer hereby declares his/her knowledge and consents that this electronic application is an integral part of the main subscription contract and the general terms with Zain for the mentioned line subscription and is associated with the existence or non-existence of the terms, and its provisions shall be applied in all that is not mentioned in this application. The customer also acknowledges that adding the service via the electronic application of Zain is considered an acceptance of these terms, and acknowledges his/her acceptance to deal with Zain through the electronic application of Zain and in accordance with the procedures followed by Zain.

* The agreed data transfer service speed may be affected by the volume of use. The customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that the weakness of the coverage or failure to reach the stated maximum speed for reasons beyond Zain's control and in a specific location shall not be considered a breach of the services provided. The fair usage policy shall be applied during the month for any over usage of data (including uploading and downloading data). In the event the usage limit is reached, the internet service will be suspended until the end of the month in which usage is exceeded. The usage, speed and price volumes are subject to change and adjustment according to Zain's procedures.

* In the event of the suspension of the line or service permanently or temporarily for nonpayment or the assignment of the line to any other customer or transfer to another plan with a lower monthly subscription or cancellation of the line or service before the end of the commitment period. The customer shall pay the fees owed for the service added through the electronic application. The Customer undertakes to pay all amounts due and resulting from any use (as a result of purchasing additional data transfer capacity) that exceeds the permissible monthly subscription value.

* The International voice call prices are subject to the prices of the Ministry of Communications, the regulation and the company procedures. Charges on International roaming for voice services or data transmission (internet) are charged according to each country's network prices, without the slightest liability on Zain in relation to the prices of foreign companies. Zain shall not be held responsible for customer's unawareness of the costs of using voice or data services during international roaming.