No matter how small or big your businesses, you can directly reach a large segment of Zain customers by sending bulk SMS messages to their mobiles with AdZone App.


Send your advertisement easily through SMS to a large number of Zain customers while they’re shopping in malls like The Avenues, 360 Mall, Bairaq Mall, Kout Mall, Marina Mall, Souk Sharq and many other locations in Kuwait.


Subscribe today and enjoy the best prices with the following plans:


Price Number of SMS Validity
KD 6.5 500 6 Months
KD 12 1,000
KD 22 2,000
Kd 50 5,000



How to sign up for the service?

Download AdZone App from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store:




then register an account using your Zain mobile number, choose the area or multiple areas that you want to send SMS messages to, select the date and time to start and end the SMS campaign and then, set the number of SMS messages that you want to send.